The series "If it's Tuesday it's Murder", announced by Disney+, is the first Spanish fiction production on this platform to be made in Portugal.

The story follows a diverse group of Spanish tourists who have just arrived in Lisbon for a week's vacation. One of them turns up dead, so four others, fans of detective and mystery novels, decide to investigate what happened.

“It's seven days in Lisbon, touring the city, discovering the mysteries of the group, but also of the city. Part of the adventure is in the History of Lisbon itself”, explained Spanish screenwriter and writer Carlos Vila Sexto, in an interview with Lusa agency.

It was Disney+ that chose Lisbon to make this series, which is only expected to premiere in 2025.

“It’s an absolutely beautiful European city. It's one of the most beautiful places in Europe, the weather is good, it's one monument after another, it's the light for taking photos, it's the tiles. There is a lot of filming work here and it is a spectacular city”, Sofia Fábregas, vice-president of original productions at Disney+ Spain, told Lusa.

The series is produced by the Spanish company La Zona Producciones and the main cast is also mostly Spanish, but the technical work on the ground is carried out mainly by Portuguese professionals.

“All the media, studio, everything is rented in Portugal. On a technical and structural level, makeup, hair, wardrobe, construction, electricians, it's all Portuguese”, Paulo Guedes, one of the production coordinators on the ground, highlighted to Lusa.