“The OECD unemployment rate stabilised at 4.9% in March 2022, which means that it has been below 5% for two years”.

In contrast, in Portugal the unemployment rate stood at 6.5% in March, below the 6.6% recorded in the previous month, but above both the OECD average (4.9%) and the same European Union average (6%).

Among the other countries that make up the OECD, it was Spain that recorded the highest unemployment rate in March (11.7%). At the top of the table are also Colombia (11.2%) and Greece (10.2%).

On the other side of the ranking, Mexico appears, with an unemployment rate of 2.6%, and Japan, with an identical rate. Also highlighted are Korea (2.8%), Poland (2.9%), the Czech Republic (2.9%) and Slovenia (3.1%).