With over 30 years of experience in the fruit and vegetable industry, they are specialised in fresh, natural, authentic and exotic produce. Striving to offer added value to the food sector and people in general through their creative projects and leadership in the industry.

It’s hard to find authentic coconut water in this part of the world, as most companies will package coconut water into cans or bottles, having to add preservatives to extend their shelf life and duration when transported, which works against the natural taste of the product.

However, Rick and Helien have found an innovative solution to both problems. “Last year we travelled to Thailand to visit our coconut grower, and he showed us the unique “Easy to Open” system. With this system, customers can experience the pure taste of coconut water straight from the palm tree. Goconutty is unprocessed and gives you the true taste of coconut water.”

“Finally, we could introduce the pure taste of raw coconut water without having any trouble opening the coconut”, they told The Portugal News.

“The Goconutty wrap is environmentally friendly, weighing only 3 grams, and the “Easy to Open” system is made to stay on the coconut like bottle caps”, Rick and Helien explained. Goconutty’s packaging is not only cheerful but also recyclable.

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“In 2016, we launched the product in northern Europe, but we didn’t have the “Easy to Open” system yet, and the end consumer needs to purchase the product to be successful. People had difficulties opening the coconut themselves”, recounted the Rebergens.

“In Asia, they open young coconuts with a butcher knife, and that’s not easy for Europeans”, they said. With the “Easy to Open” system, drinking water straight from a coconut has never been easier, as consumers can just simply pop it and insert a straw to enjoy the delicious goods inside.

“In the supermarkets, you will find that the coconuts are old and roasted, with a thicker layer of coconut meat. Our coconuts are young and not roasted. There is no comparison, and the coconut water has a completely different taste and composition. Nothing beats the taste of fresh fruit”, Rick and Helien detailed.

The coconuts are harvested from fields in Thailand, at the perfect age to ensure the sweetest and most refreshing taste. “Goconutty’s focus is the coconut water, which is completely temperature controlled from Thailand to customers and consumers, with guaranteed freshness. We strip the coconuts of their green bark and wrap them, which helps to preserve them without any additives”, the Rebergens stated.

There are many health benefits to drinking raw unprocessed coconut water, due to the many important minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium, which serve as a source of electrolytes that help keep the body hydrated.

“Due to all our years of experience in the industry, we know that consistency combined with quality and a good plan works. As an IFS broker accredited company, we ensure a high level of food safety in all our products”, Rick and Helien assured. The Goconutty’s are sourced from reputable suppliers who adhere to strict quality control measures, with food safety certifications. Taking every precaution to maintain the integrity of the coconuts during storage, transportation and distribution to ensure they reach customers in pristine conditions. “We have full control over the complete supply chain”, they added.

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“We’re experts in the industry. We export our Goconutty’s to different countries in Europe and there’s no other product on the market like this, from the authenticity to the naturality”, the Rebergens shared. They sell to all sorts of establishments from wholesale to supermarkets, festivals, spas and beach bars. “We would like to enlarge our product’s scope, for example, exotics from 85 different countries around the world.”

Rick and Helien originally moved to Portugal due to their sweet potato business and started thinking about starting a new project in their new home. “We tested Goconutty in 2023 on the market for two months. Then we created a business model and prepared to launch in April 2024.”

“We wanted to create another project down here, and with the vibe of the Algarve, it was the right place and time for the product”, the Rebergens concluded.

Want something to keep you refreshed now that the heat is picking up? You can go out and try a Goconutty drink for yourself in various supermarkets, bars, restaurants, beach bars and festivals around the Algarve.

For more information about Goconutty, please visit: https://www.goconutty.com/