“In April 2024, the total number of 'lay-off' situations with remunerative compensation (normal concession, in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Code) was 9,212”, states the summary prepared by the Strategy and Planning Office (GEP) of the Ministry of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security

Compared to the previous month, there was a decrease of 1,615 'lay-off' instalments (-14.9%) and, compared to the same period last year, there was an increase of 3,543 instalments processed (62.5%).

As for the number of companies in this situation, Social Security data shows that, in April, benefits were processed to 575 employers.

This is the lowest value since November last year and represents a reduction of 9.9% overall, after the maximum of 638 in March, but 271 more companies (89%) than in April 2023.

According to the GEP, the working hours reduction scheme was granted to 5,390 people, while under the temporary contract suspension scheme the number of benefits was 3,822.

The 'lay-off' provided for in the Labour Code results in a temporary reduction in normal working periods or a suspension of employment contracts carried out at the initiative of companies in a crisis situation.

According to labour law, workers on lay-off with a suspended contract are entitled to receive monthly compensation equal to two-thirds of their normal gross salary, with a guarantee of a minimum equal to the value of the national minimum wage (820 euros in 2024) and a maximum corresponding to three times the minimum wage.