Quinta Art Collective is a women lead, group of artists based in the Algarve.

Each working within their own individual disciplines but all united by and inspired by their love for the Algarve. Established in 2020 just at the tail end of Covid, all five artists felt a need for mutual support and companionship in what can be a very solitary world. The process of creating can be a lonely one and so banding together seemed like a perfect solution.

The aim of the Collective is to bring art to as many people as possible through a mix of both innovative new collaborations and the traditional paths of Galleries and Exhibitions.

All five artists are heavily influenced by the beautiful country in which they live, finding inspiration and beauty from both the coast to the stunning countryside of the Algarve.

Jessica Dunn has lived in the Algarve for many years, working and exhibiting at her studio in Boliqueime. Her style and subject of painting has changed and developed over time, from her figurative paintings of local Algarvean scenes through to her latest abstract interpretations of the Algarve landscape.

Jane Preza’s digital landscapes and woven seascapes evoke the beauty of her surroundings. Having Portuguese family has meant that some of the local traditions have had an influence on her work and have shaped her artistic designs over the years.

Andrea B Designs’ creations in glass and mosaics play with the wonderful southern light in bold and vivid colour. The blues of the Algarvian sea and the sky can be seen in many of her pieces which have a special quality that changes colour depending on the time of day and where the light reflects on the work.

Tracy Carson’s dynamic figures and portraits pop against turquoise and sea blues evoking a “joie de vivre” which we associate with the life many have found here in the Algarve. These pieces evoke a sense of fun and freedom as images of swimmers jumping into a refreshing pool in one of the hot summers invites you to join in.

You can read all about the Collective and each artist here https://quintaartcollective.com/about-us/

You can see a selection of work from all the artists on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/QuintaArtCollective

Instagram: Quinta_art_Collective

Email: hello@quintaartcollective.com