The largest ColchaoNet store in the country can be found at the Sudoeste Retail Park, in Alcantarilha, in the Algarve, with the store covering a total area of 500m2, and with around fifty beds and mattresses on display.

ColchaoNet has 19 years of history and is currently the largest network of specialists in Portugal with 30 stores. The company is known for its highly specialised human resources and for the top-quality service it provides to the customer. By representing and marketing the main brands of mattresses and other products in the rest sector, ColchaoNet always offers the perfect product for every type of consumer.

“The reason for our success is certainly down to our commercial teams, who are specialists with all the training and knowledge to give our Clients a professional and personalised service, helping them to always find the best solution based on their characteristics and needs”, says Ferreira Coimbra, coordinator of the Algarve stores of ColchaoNet.

ColchaoNet is a 100% Portuguese company that invests in the best products and seeks out the best technology, and the best materials for the composition of its mattresses. All of this is combined with connections with the main manufacturers and allows the team to develop solutions for the very best in rest.

“The most important factor for a good night's sleep is the quality of the mattress, which is why we insist that the choice of the ideal mattress must be made with care and advised by a specialist” advises Ferreira Coimbra.

ColchaoNet has stores from Minho to the Algarve and advocates its motto of “We Care for Your Rest”, offering a wide range of mattresses, bases, protectors, pillows, accessories, and also expert and professional service.

Visit ColchaoNet today, because getting a good night's sleep is decisive for our health and well-being on a daily basis.

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