The painter recalled her passion for art began at a very young age: “I remember the first time I created something out of the ordinary, we were in art class at school and our assignment was to paint a landscape. I was a bit of a rebel, so I decorated my canvas with colours in unusual places”, Berdissimo told The Portugal News.

When the teacher saw her painting, which had a house with butterflies and a blue sun, he said “houses are not that colourful and the sun is not blue”, to which the artist replied, “You have no imagination!”.

“I consider my paintings to transmit how colourful the world can be, life can be so serious, and I like to remind myself that it doesn’t have to be. Why can’t the sun be blue? Art doesn’t have to make sense”, Berdissimo explained.

The artist cited Pablo Picasso’s motto as her motivation. “Everything you can imagine is real”, as she continues to paint colourful abstract pictures to this day.


Berdissimo recounted her career as an artist started as a hobby, “I lived in Germany for 28 years, I owned a wine shop where I would paint and use as a gallery. Guests would enjoy wine and appreciate the art, it made things interesting”.

“I also did art to relax, I would arrive home and paint for hours, sometimes even half a night. It’s incredible how time flies when you’re doing something you enjoy, I’d also like to encourage people to find something that relaxes them, even if it’s just observing art and creating your own perspective in it”, the painter expressed.

Berdissimo would attend art fests and events in her free time to improve her skills and knowledge. “Ever since I can remember I’d find myself lost in books about artists and art. Visiting museums and art exhibitions inspired me further, the eternity in art is quite fascinating”, she said.

Artistic Style

In 2015, Berdissimo hosted her first art exhibition at her wine shop, where she displayed her findings over the years, with colourful paintings. “I use a mix of techniques, my favourite materials to work with are acrylic and oils because they dry faster. I also experiment with woods, stone, aluminium and pastes to create textures on the canvas”, the artist detailed.

“I’m inspired by colours and my own imagination, by combining both I can create unusual and fun paintings. Mixing the pigments and watching what they become is truly captivating”, Berdissimo shared. “Since I moved to the Algarve, I’ve been surrounded by landscapes that project the most amazing lighting, I’m most drawn to the golden cliffs in the evening.”

The artist incorporates copper and gold pigments on the canvas to recreate the radiance of sunsets, as well as different materials to simulate the rocky surfaces of the cliffs on the coast of the Algarve.

“I also want to create colourful art that will match with modern houses. I’m happy to coordinate with interior designers to ensure that my paintings can seamlessly blend into the vibe of the home”, she added.

Workshops and Exhibitions

“I like to host open house events to display my art, as well as workshops to encourage people to create, anyone is welcome, I just want to share what I love with the world”, Berdissimo stated.

During the summer, the artist mentioned she will host exhibitions in her garden, where there’s magnificent natural lighting. “With all the pigments and textures incorporated in my paintings, the canvas will glisten with the sunlight. It’ll be different and in the open.”

“My workshops are catered for anyone who wants to have fun and discover their own personal style”, she assured. “I don’t only want to create art, I want to make memories for a lifetime.”

From paintings to workshops and jewellery, Berdissimo strives to invoke good emotions and bring colour to people’s lives with her art. “Stay creative”, she concluded.

Currently, the artist has six paintings on display at the Bela Vita, Clube Atlântico. To find out more about Berdissimo, please visit: berdissimo_art on Instagram.


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