This time we visited the restaurant ‘TRIBULUM' located just south of Almancil. The service we received was excellent and complemented the delicious food and wine. If the long lingering over coffee is any indication, we'll be returning!

Following very closely on the heels of our above lunch, on the 2nd May we held our Club AGM, which had been delayed from March. This took place at the Portimão Naval Club. Every year we give the members a chance to suggest a charity worthy of a donation from those funds, this year three charities had been submitted prior to the meeting via e-mail. Following a short discussion and vote the members present elected to give each of the three a donation of €500.

Finally, we held a discussion regarding the Committee positions as three of the committee expect to be moving out of the area before the 2025 AGM and will not be able to continue in their roles. Hopefully, replacements will be recruited over the next few months.

Business complete we were then free to retire to the O' CAIS restaurant up on the first floor for a very pleasant three-course dinner and a well-deserved glass of wine, all very much enjoyed.

On 21st June our imitation of a Hawaiian Luau will take place in Mexilhoeira Grande. Details of these and all our planned events are to be found on our website at