New DeFi projects come up with even better solutions, and this time, we have RCO Finance (RCOF) offering AI solutions to a lagging trading sector. Let's see what RCOF is offering.

RCO Finance: Introducing… AI Robo Advisor

This is not the first time AI will enter the crypto market, but RCO Finance's Robo Advisor is a product of more research into traders' needs. In other words, you won't get just any old AI trick here; it's like a personal finance assistant.

RCO Finance's Robo Advisor uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to improve traders' strategies on the platform and provide trading tips and advice. The bot studies and learns your strategies and trading behavior before suggesting possible crypto market entries.

That way, you get informed advice tailored to your trading style and become more confident in your market positions and trades – and, of course stand a better chance of making profits.

More Features From RCO Finance

While the AI Robo Advisor is RCO Finance's flagship feature, trading on the platform has its own wide range of perks for traders and investors.

First on the list is the 'no KYC' feature. With this feature, you can remain as anonymous as you want, and the entire DeFi market is open to you. Anonymity and privacy are part of the building block of the Defi industry. While many projects are fast deviating from the privacy culture, RCO Finance is bringing privacy back to traders.

And RCO Finance takes opening the entire market seriously. Your trading is no longer restricted by region; you can live in South Korea and trade American markets without restrictions. It’s why the world is a global village, and RCO Finance will not compromise on that.

Moreover, you have more than just crypto to trade on RCO Finance. There are about 120,000 different assets to choose from, and they include most trading instruments, from shares to bonds and even Forex currency pairs. It’s a world of variety on RCO Finance, and users will sure have a good time exploring the different options.

If you need more, there are options for lenders and liquidity pools. As a lender, you contribute your tokens to the lending protocol on RCO Finance while receiving a passive income from the financial instrument.

Liquidity providers stake their altcoins to facilitate trading various tokens on the RCO Finance platform. As traders enjoy the seamless token swap from the trading pools, liquidity providers draw their passive income. Making profits doesn’t get easier and effortless than that.

What You Get on RCOF Presale

The journey to the dream trading platform starts from the presale, and investors are shocked at the potential profits on RCOF's presale–you get this kind of profit with the top meme coins!

The RCOF tokens sell at $0.0127 each, with a 3,000% ROI to get from them by the end of the event. The presale is still in Stage 1, so you should start now. After all, in a crypto bull run, there's barely a better time to rake in those profits.

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