Jack Soifer has worked in 12 countries and chose Portugal when he retired. He was a judge at the National Wine Competition for some years.

He has been writing articles on gastronomy and wines in three languages for 20 years. He has presented 112 of our wines, from small producers, at tastings in ALVOR.

There were 26 producers from the Algarve, Alentejo, Beira Interior, Dão, Douro, Minho, Ribatejo, Setúbal and 176 entrepreneurs.

The most recent was Minho wines, attended by 40 businessmen/directors/ opinion-leaders from ten countries: Sweden, Finland, Germany, Holland, England, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil and Portugal.

These included the Swedish Consul in the Algarve, Rui Horta, the former president of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, Mauro Morocco, and IKEA consultant Peter Levenius. Already 176 of them, even from Switzerland and India, have tasted them.

At each event, Jack offers hors d'oeuvres and a typical dish from the chosen region to pair with each wine. For groups of up to 13 guests, the event takes place on his terrace on the seafront. For larger groups, it's in local associations or inland restaurants, where sometimes works by local artists are also exhibited.

Most of the participants come to the Algarve to play golf, tennis or surf. Many have their second home here. Others have left their companies to the younger generation and go there to chair a meeting every couple of months. Many are discovering the charms of Portugal in search of their ideal property.