On June 21st, the WallRide celebrates its third year of work. The date coincides with International Go! Skateboarding Day celebrations, meaning the community will experience a double dose of festivities.

On June 21st, the Association will host free skate lessons, skate competitions, and a commemorative mural at the Faro skatepark from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

In the evening, from 8:00 PM, the celebration continues at the Madalena bar with the presentation of the 2023/24 annual report, in a night filled with music, celebrations, the introduction of the 2024 WallRide skate team, cake, and lots of partying. Culturally, the event will feature WallRide’s resident DJ, Grandmaster Dre, a performance by artist RAGZ, and an exhibition by Lodo Zine.

On the 22nd, festivities return to the skatepark for a competitive warm-up, followed by exploring the best that Faro's streets have to offer for skaters from the region and beyond.

In the latter part of the day, the festivities move to another edition of the DAMAGE! concept, created in partnership with Art Haus Club in downtown Faro, which will also include various musical acts and an exhibition by Lodo Zine.

Regarding the date, Viriato Villas-Boas, president of WallRide, said: “Our team and community celebrate another year of work with great pride and hope for the future. Our Association, in the face of various adversities, has remained active and increasingly engaged beyond the confines of the skatepark and the practice of skateboarding itself. We are grateful to everyone who accompanies us on this journey to make our world a better place for everyone - skaters or not. As such, we would be very pleased to celebrate this important date with you, especially on the evening of the 21st. See you there!”