At the beginning of the bathing season, the campaign by the Portuguese Society of Spinal Pathology (SPPCV) wants to raise awareness among the population about the issue of diving and the consequences of poorly calculated dives both in swimming pools and on beaches.

“To prevent spinal injuries, we recommend that you always check the depth of the water before diving and that you always stay within the supervised area, on the beach, and in the pool”, warns the society in a statement.

The SPPCV calls for the avoidance of “risky behaviour”, such as diving backwards or drinking alcoholic beverages before diving.

“In the sea, don’t jump in headfirst, always go in first, and in the pool choose the place where you’re going to dive according to the depth. Do not run around the pool and always respect the signage”, recommends Bruno Santiago, neurosurgeon and president of SPPCV.

As part of this campaign, SPPCV appeals to anyone who witnesses an accident and suspects a spinal injury to immediately contact 112 and call an ambulance, and should never move the person, as any movement in an already damaged spine can cause permanent damage.