The young and dynamic team of British, Israeli and Portuguese journalists work daily to bring readers the very latest news and features from around the country, with news being updated daily on the website and weekly in the printed edition.
Although initially established in print, the focus for the future is to be able to reach as many readers as possible across all platforms. The newspaper continues to be printed weekly and distributed widely for free across the Algarve and is also available all around the rest of Portugal. For those who are looking for their daily dose of news, the website is the best place to read all the very latest updates and information, seven days a week. Content from The Portugal News is also available in daily updates across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with new platforms to be launched very soon to ensure that everyone has easy access to our articles.
Our news is always apolitical and we strive to bring balanced articles to readers. We write articles with the aim of helping to inform the expat community and foreign visitors about all that is happening in Portugal and with a strong focus on highlighting the positive news taking place in the country.
Not only do we bring news to our readers, there are a number of features, views, opinion and freelance articles to give a broad picture of life in Portugal.
The strong foundation and reputation of the newspaper has been based on the many years of dedicated work by the teams of journalists who have worked together to create The Portugal News and this will continue well into the future as the paper expands and grows.