The National Road Safety Authority (ANSR), which published the road accident and inspection report for the first seven months of 2020, stated that the month of July had the highest number of fatalities and serious injuries this year.

According to ANSR, in July a total of 49 people died on Portuguese roads, 48.5 percent more than in the same month of 2019, when 33 died, and 212 people suffered serious injuries, the same number as last year.

During the first seven months of 2020, there were 14,217 accidents, resulting in 216 deaths at the accident site or during transport to the health unit, 991 were seriously injured and 16,493 cases involved minor injuries.

The ANSR also reports that, between January and July, 65 percent of accidents occurred in the districts of Lisbon (22 percent), Porto (18 percent), Braga (9 percent), Aveiro (8 percent) and Setúbal (8 percent).

According to ANSR, 66.7 percent of the total fatalities between January and July were drivers, 17.1 percent passengers and 16.2 percent pedestrians.

The document also points out that around 64.6 million vehicles were inspected between January and July, an increase of 28.1 percent compared to the same period in 2019, due to the increase by 34.4 percent of the ANSR’s radar systems and 44.8 percent of the radars from the Municipal Police of Lisbon.

According to ANSR, in these actions more than 728,000 infractions were detected, which represented a reduction of 0.4 percent compared to the previous year, with speeding being the most registered infraction.