Likewise, a lot of people discard those same items when they still have a lot of life left in them- it was believed that these two situations could be combined in order to enhance the lives of those with limited means.
The goal of the group was to match those things which were no longer needed with those people who needed them and then to assist with the transportation of the items. A number of volunteers were recruited and the group operated through a Facebook page where people could post the things which they had to donate or the things which they were in need of. Along with the original volunteers, Alison Webster and Bernadette Abbott worked extremely hard to make the association what it is today. Bernadette has now moved to Spain but is still very much involved with her constant guidance and advice for families and the team. Over the years the work of the group grew beyond recognition and we were being offered more and larger goods, to the extent where at times we would empty whole villas.
The volunteers would respond to offers of goods and take them to where they were needed, or would post a request for specific items which were needed by a family. Almost always we were able to acquire what was needed. Often this would be a complete apartment needing to be furnished, a pregnant mother needing everything for her baby or replacing items lost in a fire. The variety of help is far too wide to mention everything. Eventually we started to work to support families who were looking for work, needed alternative accommodation or specifically where there was a threat that children may be taken into care. We have also worked with homeless people in Lagos and beyond, supplying food and clothing directly on the streets. In the winter we take sleeping bags and Christmas goodies onto the street for the homeless people - these are mostly provided through an appeal by Anita Van Huson. Hats and hand warmers are lovingly made by Karen Telling and distributed.
We liaise with Chantelle Kortekaas who orchestrated the Reverse Advent Calendar initiative - we suggest families who would benefit from an R.A.C. and Chantelle matches them with her donor families. Immediately before Christmas the boxes are distributed to families (this is a wonderful initiative and anyone wanting to know more should visit the Facebook page).

We all enjoy the wonderful benefits of living in this amazing country – let’s give a little back. Remember give a little, help a lot.
Food collection points have been set up in various places to welcome all donations.

12pm – 1pm Ferragudo Square
2pm – 3pm Overseas Supermarket, Portimão

11am – 12pm Mais Perto, Burgau

11am – 12pm Pingo Doce car park, Lagoa
11am – 12pm Continente car park, Silves

11am – 12pm non café side of Baptista, Luz

10am – 11am Vila Sol Plaza, Quarteira (fortnightly)
11am – 12pm Aldi, Lagos

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