In this context, 498 missions were carried out and 611 patients were transported on aircraft C-295M, EH-101 and Falcon 50. Of these, 272 missions were carried out in the Azores, with the transport of 320 patients, and 181 in Madeira.

For organ transport, the Air Force carried out 32 missions during 2019 with a total of 65 flight hours of the Falcon 50 and C-295M aircraft.

F-16 fighters recorded "more than 518 hours of flight surveillance of national airspace, in real and training missions", the equivalent of 140 missions carried out from Air Base No. 5, in Monte Real, Leiria district.

The Air Force specifies that "from Air Base No. 6 in Montijo, Air Base No. 4 in Lajes, and Manobra No. 3 in Porto Santo, the crews of EH-101, C-295M and C-130H aircraft took off to perform 498 urgent medical transport between the islands and/or from the islands to the mainland, supporting 611 sick people, 39 ship rescues, carrying 44 people, and 78 search and rescue missions".

From the No. 1 Transit Aerodrome in Figo Maduro, Falcon 50 aircraft were engaged in 32 organ transport missions (also carried out by C-295M aircraft) and other missions, such as urgent medical transport of patients".

In the same note, the Air Force points out that "it maintains a complex alert device in mainland Portugal and the Azores and Madeira archipelagos, all year round, 24/seven.