In a statement, the company said that guests who used Airbnb to secure accommodation in Portugal’s two largest cities contributed €3.7 million in Lisbon and €1.8 million in Porto in the period.
Since May 2016, when it began to levy Lisbon’s €1 tax per bed per night for all guests in tourist accomm-odation (with a maximum of seven nights), and the end of September this year, cumulative revenue has been more than €11 million euros in both cities. The Lisbon tax was introduced in January 2016.
In Porto, a tourist tax of €2 per bed, also for a maximum of seven nights, began to be charged on 1 March this year, to “mitigate the impact of the tourist footprint” in the city, according to the council.
Since April 2016, Airbnb has, under an agreement with Lisbon city council, collected this levy from hosts and delivered it to the city. This year saw a similar agreement signed with the Porto council that began to be implemented in April.