The CEO of Taylor’s and the main organiser of the event, Adrian Bridge, told Lusa News Agency the aim of the conference, titled “Climate Change Leadership – Solutions for the Wine Industry” was to discuss concrete ideas, share real experience and provide effective solutions to combat climate change.The event will take place from 5 to 7 March.

The conference will enable all sectors of the wine industry to work together to ensure a safe and sustainable future, he added.

The conference will end with a second edition of the “Climate Change Leadership”, which last year had former US president Barack Obama as its star speaker.

This year’s edition will be attended by experts and activists including Afroz Shah (named ‘Champion of the Earth’ by the United Nations for the world’s largest beach clean-up project), Marco Lambertini (director-general of the non-governmental organisation World Wide Fund for Nature - WWF International) and Max Burgers’ chief sustainability officer Kaj Török.

Bridge said the wine sector could take on an important role in combating climate change due to the industry having a “medium-long term vision” and due to remote areas around the world depending on it economically.

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