As a result of the action, a countermanding proceeding was initiated for the sale of food products with Cannabis Sativa, with no mandatory reference to THC content or above legal values (psychoactive substance) and products suspected of being drug precursors.

529 articles were seized, including food and fertilizers, which will be subjected to laboratory testing for substance level detection.

During the course of the inspection, although concealed, about 300g of hashish (3 plates) and 66g of cannabis were detected and seized.

The economic operator and society were constituted as defendants for the crime of drug trafficking. The total value of the seizure amounted to 17,100.00 Euros.

ASAE will continue to carry out oversight actions within its remit throughout the national territory to ensure the safeguarding of public health and food safety, as well as following the international exchange of information on foodstuffs which may pose risks for consumer health.