The company - which has launched the Auchan brand as the sole brand of all its stores, saying goodbye to the Jumbo brand - currently has around 30 stores in Greater Lisbon (out of a total of 80 brick and mortar stores in the country).

With 30 stores at this time, Cid said that goal is to reach at least 80/90, noting that the priority of the company’s majority French capital is to ensure full coverage of the region before spreading to other locations.

Cid was speaking at a press conference about the inauguration of the refurbishment of the Alfragide store, the result of an investment of €8 million and which marks the launch of the Auchan brand as the sole insignia of its entire network of stores and the disappearance of the Jumbo brand.

The change and rebranding of the company, which arrived in Portugal 50 years ago as ‘Pão de Açúcar’, had already been announced in April and will cost around €3 million to €4 million.

“The commitment to the location is expressed by the priority choice of national production, so 88% of purchases of products are currently with national producers,” said Cid, noting that the company currently works with 160 local producers.

These are producers based in the store’s area of influence (50km radius), which ensures the proximity of production and product knowledge.