Belgium includes Alentejo and Algarve returnees under “greater surveillance”

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Travelers that enter in Belgium coming from Alentejo and Algarve are going to be under “greater surveillance” because of the covid-19 pandemic, according to the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website which does not specify the measures that are going to be applied.

The Alentejo and Algarve are joining, even though they are a not in a critical situation, the other 19 parishes from the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon that are in state of calamity, which demands the residents to make a covid-19 test and stay in mandatory quarantine when arriving Belgium.

In the orange zone, “more vigilance” is required, but the website does not specify what kind of measures are going to be applied to the travelers that arrive Belgium from countries, regions and areas that are included in this orange zone, like Aragon and Catalonia, in Spain.

On Friday, Portugal had moved to the green category in the traffic light model created by the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, except the councils of Amadora and Odivelas, as well some parishes of Loures, which are placed in the red category.

On Saturday, a contact track form was given to the passengers at Lisbon Airport with destination to Brussels, whoever signed the form was obligated to “consent staying in quarantine the next 14 days after their arrival to Belgium”. The form should be filled by those who were in one of the 19 parishes most affected by the outbreak.

Covid-19 pandemic has already caused more than 566 thousand deaths and infected more than 12,79 million people in 196 countries, according to a French news agency report.


Although not directly linked to your article I would like to express my sentiment in reference to different european countries' hypocritical reactions to travel in the Algarve .How can Britain possibly dictate their tourism policy when they are by far the worst offenders and then we see that M Johnson is considering enforcing the wearing of masks!!!!!!!!!!!!In the Algarve we have been wearing masks in all public place for at least 3 months !!!!Algarve risks far more from the hordes of anglo saxon tourists than vice versa.
I returned from France yesterday and was appalled by the lack of discipline and apparent lack of mask wearing policy in all the shops ,bakers ,markets etc. Algarve needs the tourist trade but at what price??
We are lucky to have a clear concise policy in Portugal however we are devastated by the effect of Corona virus on the Portugese economy and should do whatever possible to help.

By richard Jeremy mason from Algarve on 14-07-2020 08:09

We are trying to come in to Portugal to enjoy its beaches and culture, but it seems that the Portuguese govt is anti-tourists and have not allowed flights from India to Portugal. They only want to beg and bend backwards to British tourists, but compeltely ignore countries like India which has the lowest infection rate per capita in the world.

By Raman Sharma from Other on 14-07-2020 06:45
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