The route will feature the Algarve for the second time, as well as numerous cities in the Alentejo along the border with Spain, the Atlantic coast to the far west of Europe and finally the Monchique mountains. A total of 950 km must be riden over a maximum of 120 hours.

All participants will follow a mandatory course with two checkpoints to be achieved in a limited time to avoid disqualification. The first checkpoint is on the 333km in Pousada Vila Viçosa and the second checkpoint is on the 689 Km in Pousada de Sagres.

Each participant will be equipped with a GPS tracker, which will allow him to track his position at the race site live at all times.

From elite athletes to passionate cyclists, BikingMan is open to everyone who loves cycling and exploring new territories. Even so, the competition will have big names in cycling, including Laurent Boursette (actual winner of the Biking Man World Championship), Clément Mahé (Switzerland), Guillaume Chaumont (Belgium), Fabian Burri (Switzerland), Jacques Barge (France) and Stéphane Bahier (France).

To reduce the social contact, all the participants will be cycling alone or in duo and they must still self-sufficient. Furthermore, the public will follow thought the internet, which makes BikingMan an event “COVID-ready”.