Lisbon: Slight cloud cover is expected on Saturday before clearing on Sunday when temperatures will reach highs of 35 degrees and lows of 20 degrees. Temperatures are to peak on Tuesday to highs of 37 degrees and lows of 21 degrees before slowly decreasing for the remainder of the week.

The north: Cloud cover is to clear by Sunday and will see thermometers rising to average highs of 31 degrees and lows of 16 degrees by Sunday. For the rest of the week blue skies are predicted and temperatures are to remain stable with no chance of rain and easterly winds.

The centre: A hot weekend is expected with clear skies and temperatures reaching daily highs of 35 degrees on Saturday and Sunday. Some slight cloud cover is predicted later in the week, which will see the mercury falling a little to highs of 33 degrees and lows of 22 degrees.

The south: It will be a hot and sunny weekend with average daily temperatures of 29 degrees and nightly lows of 21 degrees. From Tuesday some slight cloud cover is expected and temperatures are also set to rise to highs of 31 degrees.