Bureaucracy and red tape to be reduced in Portugal

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Bureaucracy and red tape to be reduced in Portugal

Automatic renewal of ID cards and driver’s licence are 2 of the 119 measures planned to help cut down on red tape and bureaucracy in the country.

The aim of the Simplex programme is to simplify public administration following recent outrage over long queues and delays for people trying to renew their citizen’s identity cards.

Automatic renewal of the citizen’s card with payment by ATM will be possible in cases where biometric data is not required.

Driving licences will be renewed on the same day as they are requested – upon payment of an additional fee.

Among other measures to be presented as part of the programme include the introduction of a one-stop shop at Portuguese consulates to simplify and merge procedures for granting visas and residence permits. Foreigners wishing to come and live in Portugal only need to contact this single entity.

This simplified process will also be introduced at SEF – the Foreigners and Borders Service, for foreigners already in Portugal.

Other measures to be introduced include simplifying banking procedures to enable an account to be opened at the destination bank, information transferred to this bank from the original bank and the original account to be closed.

The iSimplex 2019 programme will merge social security and tax authority income declarations into one single monthly declaration. This is to be presented to the social security department which will subsequently transfer it to tax authorities.

Another measure to be introduced involves the application for legal aid, allowing the process to be completed on-line via the social security website.


This is great news. Any idea how many years before this is enacted?

by Nicole Siebel from Algarve on 15-07-2019 12:59:00

Great news that Portugal is catching up with standards already established for many years in first world countries.

by john from Other on 14-07-2019 09:42:00

This message is very useful for the persons planning to settledown in Purtgal.

by Vinod Kumar from Other on 13-07-2019 03:26:00

Great information.
Please keep informing us about legal changes. Put more details as possible.

Thank you

by Valeriy from USA on 12-07-2019 02:08:00
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