“We would like people to collect items to make a Christmas gift for one of the residents. We need 25 male presents and 24 female and would be grateful if the gifts could be labelled accordingly” says Jennifer Herrtage.

The suggested items for the presents include washing items, perfumes, aftershave, shaving cream, hand cream, gloves, scarves and warm hats. Casa de Santo Amaro is asking not to put any sweets or chocolates as some residents could have dietary problems. “However we would also like to make up a hamper of goodies for the hard working staff, of chocolates, sweets, cakes, biscuits, wine etc.”

The gifts are needed by latest 4 December. “We are currently setting up collection points for the gifts, one is the Card Shop run by Elaine in Lagos, but if anyone has a problem, I can be contacted on 912 239 479 and we will collect. If wrapping is a problem, I will do it.”

A facebook site called “Christmas Smiles for Casa Santo Amaro” was set up for everyone that wants to follow the news on this topic.

“You will be welcome to attend the Christmas party where the gifts are distributed, where you will see the pleasure the gifts give”

The home is next to the Centro de Saude in Lagos.