Climate change concerns

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Climate change concerns

Climate change is considered to be a “very serious problem” by nine out of 10 Portuguese nationals, higher than the European average.

The Eurobarometer survey, published in Brussels following 1,012 face-to-face interviews in Portugal between 9 and 22 April, showed that 87 percent of Portuguese respondents rate the changes as “a very serious problem”, compared to 11 percent who consider it a “relatively serious” issue and only 1 percent who dismiss it.

The concerns expressed by the Portuguese were higher than the EU average (a total of 27,655 citizens from the 28 member states interviewed in this Eurobarometer), as fewer European respondents (79 percent) spoke of a “very serious problem”, while 14 percent said it was a “relatively serious” issue and 6 percent disregarded it.

Even so, 23 percent of European respondents talk about climate change as the most serious problem facing the world, a percentage that falls to 19 percent of Portuguese respondents.

Asked what they are doing personally to combat this phenomenon, 74 percent of those interviewed in Portugal said they were taking action, more than the average for the whole EU, which was around 60 percent.

As an example of the measures adopted in the last six months, the Portuguese respondents talked about the reduction of waste and an increase in recycling (76 percent) and also about reducing energy consumption through the use of more efficient appliances (42 percent).

In addition, almost all Portuguese respondents said that the Government should set targets to increase the use of renewable energy by 2030 and support the improvement of energy efficiency (96 percent and 95 percent, respectively).

Almost all domestic respondents (97 percent) also said they support the goal of the EU becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

The European Commission has also adopted a communication reaffirming the Union’s involvement with environmental commitments, which will be presented at the Climate Action Summit held by the United Nations (UN) at the end of the month in New York.

At a press conference held in Brussels after the release of this communiqué, the vice-president of the EU executive and Commissioner for the Energy Union, Maroš Šefèoviè, stressed that “the fact that July [this year] was the warmest month ever recorded makes it clear that action is needed”.


Johannes, bless your heart BUT you are very deluded. Climate science is valid and now is not the time to sow doubt - this is dangerous and plain wrong. Please do your research and stop with this nonsense.

by Petrana Nikolov from Other on 22-09-2019 02:36:00

Mr Johannes, you know you are right, i know you are right, the CO2 hoax is criminal, the earth will warm and cool over its lifetime,,, and,,, i wonder what would happen if this happened to be the cooling cycle, probably a law would be passed, everyone make a fire, we need to warm the planet, i read an article recently, it said, ''if you repeat a lie over and over people will eventually believe it to be true'' the CO2-Hoax can be bundled with,The Amazon, fossil fuel, 9/11 (ha) wait for it ''electric cars '' yeah, where will the electricity come from ?
I'm not an educated person and i don't watch much television but i like to research topics that are in the media and i agree with you that the media should research what they write and tell the truth, Al Gores predictions have come to nothing but i quote what you wrote and it saddens me,,,,
''And it is not good, that our youth ("Greta" and the Friday strikes)
is manipulated, radicalised and used for political reasons.''

by I.M.BIG.R.U.2 from Alentejo on 17-09-2019 10:12:00

It is clear that there has been climate chance all the time throug history.
It is clear for me (with a background of physical and other understandings) that there is no proof, that it is CO2 to make a relevant effect on the climate.
It has become clear for me, that there are other interests behind the CO2-Hoax.
And it is not good, that our youth ("Greta" and the Friday strikes) is manipulated, radicalised and used for political reasons.

There is not place here to explain it deeper, especially why CO2 alone cannot be a factor foe climate change.

Climate change is obvious, but it is used now for the "green investments", for control of peoiple, for demolition of society (some mothers even think of not giving life to children any more...)

by Johannes from Alentejo on 14-09-2019 03:23:00
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