"It's a tourist entertainment event, the goal is to promote craft beers and beers different from those consumed on a daily basis. We'll have tasting taverns, entertainment and more than 40 makes of beer and 200 different beers," Henrique Coutinho Costa, the organizer told Lusa.

"We hope to have plenty of people, especially in the area where the event will take place. The festival is open to anyone, who just has to buy the biodegradable glass at the cost of one euro", he explained.

The company Gorgeous Azores, which also organises “Wine in Azores” (now in its 11th year), has gone on to organise the event due to the "potential" of craft beer festivals.

"There are countless craft beer events, and this has been a trend in recent years. We've already organised Wine in Azores, where we have a lot of beers present, and we realised that it would have all the potential to have a dedicated beer event”.

This first edition will serve as a "launch pad" for the future of the festival becoming "one of the largest in the Azores".

"In the short term it will be one of the biggest festivals in the Azores. The first edition will serve as a launch pad for an event of greater proportion, which we hope will happen next year. We just need space to turn this event into a big festival", says the organizer, pointing out that "all suppliers and breweries are interested in having such an event in the region".

Beer in Azores 2019 has the support of the Regional Government of the Azores and the Ponta Delgada City Council.