Covid-19: Germany faces new record with nearly 15,000 new cases in a single day

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The German government prepares to take more drastic measures due to the fact that in the last 24 hours, the country has registered 14,964 new Covid-19 cases. This is the highest number since the start of the pandemic.

Chancellor, Angela Merkel, will meet with leaders from 16 states, and is expected to propose, according to the France-Presse news agency, a new package of measures to contain the large increase in cases that have occurred in recent weeks.

According to this plan, from 4 November, and for the duration of a month, restaurants, bars, sports, cultural and leisure facilities, such as cinemas and theatres, should close their doors. The German government will try to avoid a full lockdown, with the closing of schools and nurseries, and forcing the population to stay at home. There are two districts, in the region of Bavaria, where full lockdown is already taking place.

The German health minister Jens Spahn, who is self-isolating after contracting the virus, said to the radio station SWR that “If intensive care units fill up, it is too late", appealing for the need to “reduce contagions”. Germany has registered a total of 464,239 cases since the start of the pandemic, from this nearly 332,800 people have already recovered. In the last 24 hours, 85 deaths have been accounted for from a total of 10,183 infected people.


A case is usually when someone is diagnosed by a doctor with a set of symptoms charachteristic of a certain illness. However in the Covid scheme a case has been defined as simply a positve "test" result and no specified symptoms of illness are necessary. The 'test' is usually the "PCR test" which was never designed for diagnositc purposes. There is no isolated virus only certain fragments of RNA that are tested for and these presumably have been in humans since the beginning of time. Stefan Lanka did some papers called The Misconception called Virus parts 1 and 2 where he explains in detail how this fraud works. Many people are reporting that they sent back completely unused "tests" where no swab was actually taken and these are coming back with positive results. By the looks of it this 'pandemic' would continue for ever if allowed since the 'test' would always give positive results especially in winter.

By Sean from UK on 29-10-2020 03:25

Oscar, the problem is that we don't know the long terms effects of the virus on the body. As a virus, the flu and its effects are well documented. Covid is not. I don't think this is fear based psychology. I think this is a valid precaution. The flu also has a vaccine which covid does not. Stop equating Covid to the flu. It is a false equivalency.

By Ashleigh from Lisbon on 29-10-2020 02:42

Enough with cases, anyone with half a brain cell who decides to not listen to main stream media and research the topic on their own see a completely different picture from the one we see every day on TV and tabloids, at the moment there are 7 strains of covid worldwide and the good news is although the strains are mutating
but dying off, deaths from this virus are practically down to zero, why not report on the facts instead of fear mongering, and masks don't work but give people a false sense of security, wake up sheeple.

By Callum Murray from Algarve on 29-10-2020 01:26

To the whole lot of you :
1. Enough of your fear based psychology.
2. Treating humanity like you would cattle.
3. Ramping up numbers all for the sake of making covid look like it’s killing every living thing on earth.
(Any numbers for flu related deaths in 2020 ? Or is there none ? There were hundreds of thousands of flu related deaths globally in 2017, 2018, 2019 by the way.
Go figure...

By Oscar Mulero from Other on 28-10-2020 03:33
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