Kristalina Georgieva’s statements were published in a blog post, stated by the French news agency France-Press, days before a G20 virtual meeting, commanded by Saudi Arabia.

In the text, the responsible of the FMI announced that the priorities are to maintain, “or ever extend” the social protection measures, continuing to invest public money to stimulate the economy and to take advantage of this “unique opportunity in a century” to reconstruct a “fairer, greener, more sustainable, more intelligent, and above of everything, more resilient” world.

“We are still not out of danger”, wrote Georgieva, alerting that a global second wave could lead to an increase of economic activity issues”. Other risks include “distorted value, volatile market prices, increase of the protectionism and political instability”.

The official of the financial organisation pointed out, however, positive signs, such as “decisive advances in the investigation of vaccines and treatments [which] could increase confidence and economic activity”

The economist recognised that the “uncertainty” still remains “exceptionally high”.

The G20 leaders will reunite in a difficult context, in a time when the pandemic is still progressing, according to World Healt Organisation.

On 24 June, when the world economic predictions were published, FMI considered that the recovery will be slower than the predicted.