Deadly olive tree disease across Europe 'could cost billions'

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Researchers say the economic costs of a deadly pathogen affecting olive trees in Europe could run to over €20 billion.

Xylella is considered to be one of the most dangerous pathogens for plants anywhere in the world.

At present there is no cure for the infection. It can infect cherry, almond and plum trees as well as olives.

As well as in Italy, the Xylella bacterium has now been found in Spain, France and Portugal


I don´t have a map(sorry Rachel,João and Jude) but after reading this yesterday started looking for info on solving this pb. It seems some varieties of trees show+resilience against this disease than others.
I was hoping to find(my google research) plants already known to be immune to this that could be planted next to trees at risk, but found nothing along these lines.

By guida from Lisbon on 16-04-2020 08:27

Within this article
4 paragraphs in there is a highlighted link to a pdf from the DGAV. Whether this is an accurate map of all cases or just those which have up until now been identified I couldn't say.

By Rachel Barker from Other on 15-04-2020 02:28

Xylella fastidiosa alastra-se pelo Norte de Portugal

By João from Lisbon on 15-04-2020 01:55

Do you have a link to a website that maps where this virus has been found? Those of us in the country areas need to know more than what your stub tells us.

By Jude Irwin from Beiras on 15-04-2020 08:09
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