Actively participating in Pink October was always something Designer Outlet Algarve wanted to take part in. The Director of marketing at Designer Outlet Algarve said: “We are very proud to be working with experienced organisations that spread awareness as well as tips on prevention but also support all women and men that have been diagnosed with breast cancer”.

Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer in women worldwide and there are about six million female inhabitants in Portugal so the objective of this initiation is to promote the awareness of breast cancer but also to be a source for breast cancer patients to come together and share experiences, doubts and opinions.

Since 20 October and in collaboration with Pink October, Designer Outlet Algarve has been launching video content on their official Instagram, with tips on breast cancer prevention, health and self-esteem. This content is in association with Assoçiacão Oncologica do Algarve, Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro (a support group held in Faro), Associação Partilhas e Cuidados and Nutriviva. Visual content was also produced by The Design Creators and B16.

Their content also includes hair tutorials whereby they talk about the importance of using protective hair spray, makeup tutorials, nutrition and reiki, and most importantly a video explaining how to check your breasts and what signs to look out for. This video raises awareness of what’s normal on your body and what is cause for concern so that more people then speak to a family doctor or a gynaecologist. Testimonies from women who have battled and are still battling against breast cancer will be made available as a source of support. These stories further highlight the importance of women and men sharing their experiences, as it can be really beneficial to those who have just been diagnosed.

Additionally, another initiative has also been made in collaboration with an Algarve illustrator Gabriela Garve, in the creation of two exclusive illustrations for Pink October, as well as t-shirt in tribute of these women with a drawing from Ana Goulão from Estudio Onze in Faro.