DGS says there is no evidence that cured people could be reinfected

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The Director-General of Health, Graça Freitas, said on 15 July that there is no evidence that there could be a reinfection of someone who has already had covid-19, but that there may be positive tests due to the presence of “viral particles”.

“There is currently no evidence that there is reinfection or that people who come to test positive [even after being considered cured] have the capacity of transmitting” the disease, affirmed Graça Freitas in a press conference.

However, the “the principle of caution” must be maintained, she defended, and even after being cured after two negative, the cured person should maintain the sanitary measures to avoid to contract or transmit the new coronavirus.


Lets say, that Graça Freitas should read the daily briefs from WHO and other scientists in this field. Then her statement would be a bit different - most probably. Truth is in this situation most helpful! Reinfection has been documented already and this information can be found from credible sources. I guess I should apply for her job.

By Tom Randony from Algarve on 15-07-2020 09:40
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