David Ferreira da Silva, responsible for the Bolt platform, told Lusa that, after the motor vehicles, the company will also provide scooters in Faro, the first Portuguese city where it will provide the service.

The Algarve thus has these vehicles again, for now only in Faro, after last November - 10 months after the start of operations in the region - the electric scooters were removed from the streets of the Algarve capital and Portimão for reasons of option lack of profitability.

"Right now, here in Portugal, we only have cars, although we have different types of category and for different types of users, but we also try to provide different solutions and now we are going to complement this mobility offer for users with scooters", he said .

David Ferreira da Silva said that the Algarve capital has about a dozen “collection and delivery points”, estimating that “after the summer” the service can be expanded “to other cities, either in the Algarve or in the rest of Portugal”.

A source from the office of the Mayor of Faro considered the service as “positive for cleaner mobility”, but underlined that, although there were meetings with the company, it is a private offer, which in the future will be reinforced with an “Own service” of the municipality, on a date to be defined.

The same source also told Lusa that the service now offered by Bolt - a name that the old Taxify platform took on last year, now with a more comprehensive concept - is subject to “all rules applicable to this type of vehicle”, such as “Provided for in the highway code”, he exemplified.

David Ferreira da Silva recalled that there is a concern of "less and less travel in private cars" and "greater awareness of people to move in a sustainable way", so this offer meets this need.

The cost will be “one euro to unlock” the scooter and “15 cents per minute”, being “the maximum daily rate of 19 Euros”, quantified the same source, stressing that the vehicles are limited to a maximum speed of 25 kilometres per hour, although users can, in the application, reduce this value up to 15 kilometres per hour.