First lynx birth of 2020 at CNRLI

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For the third time, the female Jabaluna “gave birth”, on 6 April, at the National Reproduction Centre, in Captivity, of Iberian Lynx, in Silves, integrated within the scope of the Iberian Lynx Ex-Situ Conservation Programme.

These offspring are the result of their pairing with the male Hermes and it seems to be serving them well, taking into account the maternal profile that it has maintained over the years.

Jabaluna, 8 years old, arrived at CNRLI from the Centro de Cría El Acebuche, in Doñana, where she was born in 2012, in a litter of Boj and Damán-II, together with two brothers. She had two previous pregnancies at CNRLI, having generated a total of 7 offspring, of which only 3 survived. Hermes, the father, is the son of Caña e Flecha and was born at the Centro de Cría de La Olivilla, in Jaén. He was the father of 3 litters at CNRLI, with Fresa (4 cubs) and Jabaluna (7 cubs), of which 7 cubs survived, 4 of which were reintroduced into the wild.

The deliveries of Fresa, Juncia and Juromenha are expected in the next few days, predictably already during the next weekend.

"Nature continues to be felt in Silves and we already have 2 more new lynxes in Portugal, which is a reason for hope for the future. All together, either in the Reproduction Centre or in the reintroduction area and together with the local populations and agents, we continue to work for the preservation of this species."


This is simply wonderful news.
The Iberian Lynx the most beautiful
"big Cat" on Earth.
Congratulations to the National Reproduction Centre and the Iberian Lynx Ex-Situ Conservation Program.

By Marc J. Moniz from USA on 10-04-2020 05:12
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