This exceptional regime was created by the government and was published on Tuesday in the official gazette, Diário da República.

The executive justified this measure with the event’s importance and the large expected turnout, which will “have a favourable impact on the local economy and tourism revenue and which will have the success reflected in the country’s image.”

The final of the 2019 Nations League is to take place between 5 and 9 June at Porto’s stadium and Guimarães stadium.

The regime “only covers flights or air movements relating to the special event of the final stage of the UEFA 2019 Nations League, between midnight 4 June and 6 a.m. on 10 June 2019,” the order said.

The government said that although the event is to take place in northern Portugal, it is appropriate “to prevent the Francisco Sá Carneiro airport [Porto’s] from not being able to accommodate all the expected flights related to the final stage of the Nations League,” so it was necessary to include Lisbon’s.