In a statement, the company said that FlixBus’ international operation in Portugal passes through 20 cities and has 20 direct lines between the country and the rest of Europe, reaching around 50 European destinations.
Following the opening of the Portuguese “Express” transport market to competition and innovation, FlixBus said it will increase investment in the Portuguese market, with more partners to be announced in 2020 and a dedicated network of domestic connections.
The European operator has been present in Portugal since 2017, having recently announced a partnership with Bus Vouga, a family transport company from Aveiro, which thus joins the more than 500 bus partners around the world.
According to the operator, all connections are made with a fleet of new buses, which follow the highest standards of safety, comfort and low gas emissions, following the EURO VI standard.
On an international level, FlixMobility continued to expand in the markets where it operates by offering mobility to over 62 million passengers worldwide in 2019.