With her treatment finished I wanted some time to digest what’s happened and a little sunshine, and time to myself.
Three days into my two week break, I got a Facetime call from the grandchildren to say they were all joining me here in Portugal. I was a bit concerned as Natalie had just finished her treatment - but she weighed up the odds of catching something from one of the kids bringing it home from school or nursery and decided the Algarve was a safe bet.
And it was!! They have had the most fabulous 10 days ... glorious weather, quiet beaches, lovely restaurants and have felt truly safe.
She has gone home refreshed, rested, content and with a little sparkle in her eyes, which has been missing.
The kids have adored their time out here. My daughter has got her strength back and her hair has started to grow in at a rate of naughts! I think due to the sunshine and rest she’s been able to get.
I had to laugh when I saw your full page add... “I went to Google my symptoms and realised all I needed was the Algarve!” Never a truer word said. And along with your article - good news needed.
Thank you Algarve for looking after her so well.
Thank you to the airlines for still operating.
Thank you for writing your article. – I hope you get inundated with good news stories.
This is a time of my life I will never forget and these last 10 days have been so special in so many ways - to watch my daughter get physically and mentally stronger every day has been a joy, as well as fun with the grandkids.
The photo (right) typifies her stay here. Whilst I realise travel is not recommended - it has been just the tonic to aid her recovery.
I do hope I’ve managed to convey my happy story in a time of uncertainty with the virus and my daughters health.
It has truly been the happiest holiday in all sorts of ways. We definitely focused on the beauty and the love, not just of your country but within our family.
Rona Sarafilovic