Four-metre albino python snake captured in Algarve Mountains

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A four-metre albino python snake was captured on 5 March at Fonte Benémola, in Querença, Loulé, after citizens alerted the Institute for Nature and Forest Conservation (ICNF), the regional director of the institute told Lusa.

According to Joaquim Castelão Rodrigues, the alert arrived "around 4pm", and a patrol of nature watchers from the Ria Formosa Natural Park was sent to the site, in the district of Faro.

According to the official, people “were walking on a pedestrian path next to Fonte Benémola” and saw the animal, alerting the authorities, “to whom they sent a video, to witness the encounter and the real size of the reptile”.

After searching the site, the surveillance patrol “managed to capture the specimen”, confirming the data of the walkers and measuring the size of “four metres”.

The animal will "stay overnight at the ICNF facilities" at Quinta de Marim, in Olhão, until a place is found where it can be treated, he said.

"We are going to look for a solution for the snake, see who can afford it, a 'zoo' here in the Algarve, or maybe in Lisbon," said Joaquim Castelão Rodrigues.

Advancing that it was not possible to ascertain the origin of the animal, those responsible underlined that, being an exotic and albino animal, normally kept in captivity, there is a “great probability that it was released” by a citizen, due to its size.

Python snakes are native to the African and Asian continents and classified as exotic animals, but appreciated by some people as pets and kept in captivity.

None of the snakes in this family have poison-inoculating teeth, however, they have sharp tusks curved inward to grab their prey.

Depending on the species, its length can vary between four to six metres.


I encountered a very large snake 2 weeks ago at the border between Spain and the Algarve. It was on a dune around Isla Canela Near Ayumonte.
I have a picture.

By Lorna Tyther from Algarve on 08-03-2020 08:16

Why have you used my photo without getting in contact with me .
John Gartshore

By John Gartshore from UK on 08-03-2020 04:54

I wish this serpent can be returned to its country forests(e. g Burma) for it to thrive well, if it does not occur naturally in Portugal.

By Goodman Bhekie Blose from Other on 08-03-2020 02:07

This is my story about the python snake I discovered:
I was hiking the Fonte Benémola trail in the district of Loulé. Two Norwegian friends where accompanying. Left the trail when it turned, to follow the almost dry path of the river. The vegetation on each side was very dense so it took a while before it was possible to leave the river and find the trail of Sete Fontes to follow. But suddenly there was an opening between the high shrubs.
And there it was. My friend thought she just stepped over a big branch. But there are no white branches. And certainly not moving branches.
I know the snakes and vipers of Portugal. None more than two meters and no white ones.
This one was huge, but calm, so I reckoned it wasn’t hungry. So I stepped over and took my time to video record and take photos.
Sent the video to RIAS down here at the Park, and went there and gave them the GPS.
This poor snake was probably abandoned by some irresponsible persons and was suffering in this, to a python, to cold climate.
Well, authorities succeeded in capturing it, and it’s already got a new life in the Lagoa Zoo.

By Solvor Leistad from Algarve on 08-03-2020 10:53

Great job, maybe we should catch some of you weird humans also and put in a fcking zoo. Let nature be, haven't we done enough being so ignorant and arrogant to thibk we own even a millimeter of this creation??? Wake up, grow up, we should be the most intelligent species on the planet!!! What the fck is this ??!

By Getter from Other on 08-03-2020 08:01

Ireland. Last month 22 March the 1st recorded poison snake bite occurred in Dublin Ireland. The snake was a puff adder and the man (owner) was lucky as incredibly an anti venom was found!

By Noel Molloy from Other on 07-03-2020 11:28
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