This measure results from a partnership between the Municipality of Olhão, the National Pharmacy Association and the Dignitude Association.

The protocol signed between the three entities guarantees that habitants from Olhão over 65 years of age can enjoy the “Local SNS Vaccination” Programme, to which the Municipality of Olhão has joined, being able to choose one of the nine pharmacies in the municipality to receive their vaccine against the flu.

This measure, which appears as a complement to the services provided in the primary health care units, allows the Municipality to create a municipal vaccination network with greater capacity and accessibility.

In the context of the current covid-19 pandemic, through this “Local SNS Vaccination” programme, the Municipality of Olhão has managed to expand the means and resources available to protect its most vulnerable citizens, so that they are given the vaccine against seasonal flu, sharing the price of vaccine administration.

Under the “Local SNS Vaccination”, the Associação Dignitude and the Associação Nacional de Farmácias distribute the vaccines to local pharmacies. To Olhão residents, who are the recipients of this measure, they just need to decide if they prefer to be vaccinated at the Health Centre or one of the nine pharmacies in the municipality, simply by presenting their citizen card.