The meeting takes place after, on Sunday, in a plenary in Aveiras de Cima (Lisbon), the union decided to call off a strike that lasted seven days.

However, in the motion passed during the plenary session, the drivers decided to mandate the union's management to take measures such as "calling strikes on overtime, weekends and holidays" if Antram "demonstrates an intransigent stance".

On Monday, the SNMMP said in a statement that the strike ended without having produced the desired results "yet" and that, despite the progress achieved, "the bases" for the negotiation "are still far from" what is necessary.

The government announced that the way was open for a new round of negotiations, to which we will not turn our backs, said the SNMMP, in the document, considering that "it was clear" that the starting point of the mediation is "better than" the one that took place before the strike.

On Sunday, Antram, for its part, welcomed the fact that the strike had been called off and expressed its willingness to listen to the "legitimate demands" of the SNMMP, but within the tolerable limits of the transport companies.