Royal Grass specialises in realistic turf for private lawns and public spaces. In their quest for creating the most natural-looking grass as possible, the company has made several breakthroughs in its 17 years of existence. After an extensive research and development period, Royal Grass has perfected a new technology, called ‘ReaDY’ (realistic directional yarn), that allows the fibers to fall in a natural, random manner.
Director of Royal Grass Portugal, Léon Geerlings says: “It looks incredibly realistic. We get so many positive reactions from clients, who say that nobody notices that they have artificial turf. People often have to feel the turf to believe it’s artificial.”
Green year round
Royal Grass gives home owners the option to have a beautiful, natural-looking green lawn all year long, without the effort. Made from high-quality polyethylene, the fibers are colour-fast, UV-proof, soft to touch and not damaging to human health or nature. All of Royal Grass’s products are certified to the EN71-3 standard, which is typically used to guarantee the safety of children’s toys.
Following nature
By studying real grass, Royal Grass has been able to replicate it to a level that had not been seen before.
Launched in 2016, the 52mm tall ‘Sense’ was the first turf to implement their advanced ReaDY technology, the follow up was a type called ‘Wave’. At 36mm tall, Wave has the appear-ance of a patch of grass that was recently mowed.
The newest type in the ReaDY range is Lush, a 42 mm tall summerly fresh-looking artificial grass. Some fibres of Royal Grass Lush have a natural yellow brownish colour which give a warm, late summer look.
More information
Feel free to visit our show garden in Portimão where you can experience several types of Royal Grass. Please contact us to make an appointment so you can see and feel our excellent artificial grass.

For further information or a free quotation, please call Léon on 912 649 654 or email