Getting the right club for your game

By Neil Connolly, in Sport · 10-05-2018 15:52:00 · 0 Comments
Getting the right club for your game

Our academy has a very simple dual philosophy; firstly to get you playing better golf as quickly as possible, secondly to keep you playing at that level for as long as possible. We are always looking for the next innovative development in the game, especially in regard to improving your game. If you have ever been to the academy you will have seen with your own eyes the TV screens, laptops and technology which support our expertise to help you on the way to a better game.

We have now added a literal game changer to our portfolio. I don’t mind admitting that it was totally by accident. I have always steered away from club fitting for a number of reasons; mostly because carrying all of the brands was cost prohibitive, partly because my perspective has been technique and talent will get you where you want to be.
That all changed when I was introduced to Scott Gourlay, a Scottish man who has carved out a sizeable living from fitting players to the right shaft and then the right club head. Using a launch monitor, he lets the numbers do the talking, no sales pitch, just the numbers, specifically the carry distance, spin in revs per second and optimal launch angle.
Consider it golf’s equivalent to the Pepsi challenge. You bring in your clubs, post the numbers for the record then the task is to beat those numbers. If he doesn’t, you have lost nothing and leave knowing that you have a great set of clubs. The problem is you…

This rarely happens because over the past five years there have been unparalleled technological advances in the game, with every club and shaft manufacturer investing huge amounts of money in their research and development departments to get the ball moving as fast as possible regardless of where you hit it on the club face. What Mr Gourlay has done is nothing short of incredible. He can now put the best performing club head (regardless of brand) in the best shaft to suit your swing speed and rhythm.
You may have guessed it, our academy, Golf Integrated Academy at Vila Sol, now have the licence to fit the same system for you, saving you the time and expense of going to Edinburgh to get the best club fitting experience I have ever seen. We have Callaway, Taylor Made, PXG, Cobra, Cleveland, Lynx, Srixon and Orka ready to challenge your clubs. You can experience it here in the Algarve, all for a price which competes with the Algarve retailers.
One of my clients quipped that he was buying a better game - he wasn’t joking. If you think I’m overstating I’m not, that’s why the fitting system ‘fits’ perfectly into our dual philosophy of getting you playing better golf as quickly as possible and keeping you at that level for as long as possible.


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