"58 citizens were identified and 58 infringements for the practice of illegal camping and caravanning in a protected area were detected, punishable by a fine of up to four thousand Euros", said a statement from the Coastal Control Unit of GNR.

This type of operation, carried out by the Sines Coastal Control Unit, aims to "preserve the Nature Reserve and protected landscapes", since the excessive human presence in the inspected areas "calls the natural beauty of the landscapes into question ", as well as the natural habitat of species of fauna and flora.

"In this way, the Republican National Guard will continue to raise awareness among caravans and campers to adopt more responsible and environmentally friendly behaviour," the GNR concludes.

The Rota Vicentina association warned about a month ago about the growing trend of camping and wild caravanning on the cliffs and beaches of the Alentejo coast, calling for "conscious conduct" by visitors.

After expressing "deep satisfaction" for "such great interest and adherence to the trails by the Portuguese and some foreign tourists, at a time when Portugal faces serious constraints", the association stressed that "it has become frequent to find rubbish and human waste along the coast".