Up until the end of June this year, more than 800 visas were awarded, but only one for creating more than 10 jobs.
Since the ‘Golden Visas’ were first introduced, a total of 3,609 have been awarded: two in 2012; 494 in 2013; 1,526 in 2014; 766 in 2015 and 821 until June.
Out of the all the ‘Golden Visas’, 3,405 were awarded for buying property in the country, 199 for capital transfers, and five for creating at least 10 jobs.
China is at the top of the leader board with 2,743 visas, followed by Brazil (180), Russia (120), South Africa (109) and Lebanon (58).
Last year the investment from ‘Golden Visas’ fell to half the 2014 level following a series of high level scandals involving senior people in the system.