Government encouraging foreigners to take Portuguese language course

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Of the immigrants residing in Portugal who attend Portuguese courses for foreigners 40 percent have not completed the training, a rate that the Government wants to reverse with the new Portuguese Language of Reception (PLA) courses.

A decree was published on 5 August in Diário da República regulating the creation and operation of new courses, for which funding notices will be launched later this year, the Secretary of State for Integration and Migration, Cláudia Pereira, said to Lusa. She added that it is also a priority of her office to reinforce the financing of these training courses in Portuguese for foreigners through the next community framework, still under evaluation, but through which they intend to dedicate a larger amount to PLA courses.

The Government's measure comes to review the Portuguese for All programme, inserted in the National Plan for Implementation of the Global Pact on Migration, which aims to strengthen social cohesion, promoting greater social and labour integration of migrants through the mastery and fluency of the Portuguese language and its novelty is the teaching of PLA in Qualifica centres, professional training and recognition and validation of competences.

“We were looking at how we could make these Portuguese language courses for foreigners more effective, that is, that almost 100 percent of students could pass this course and be able to speak Portuguese. In this sense, it was also decided to open to Qualifica centres and the objective is that when immigrants have courses at Qualifica centres they can learn Portuguese, but they can also have access to other courses taught there to better suit the job market”, explained the secretary of State.

One of the advantages of these centres, said the minister, is the flexibility of schedules, allowing, for example, those who work in the cleaning sector to attend classes in the afternoon and those who work in agriculture to do so at the end of the workday.

Schedules and the difficulty of reconciling professional life are two reasons for the failure rate of 40 percent in current courses.

The other, said the Secretary of State, is bureaucratic and is eliminated in the ordinance published on 5 August, with the minimum number of students for the constitution of a class being reduced to 15, allowing the opening of training courses in less populated areas of the country where it was not possible to reach numbers that allow opening classes.

The maximum number of students per class is now 20, but the maximum and minimum numbers for opening classes can be relaxed, with exceptional authorisations.

PLA also has a new curricular unit, which introduces a learning module for speakers of languages ??who do not use the Latin alphabet or use different writing systems, designed to respond mainly to the growing weight of Nepalese and Indian migrants in Portugal.

The objective is to have the new courses dispersed throughout the national territory, reaching the largest number of migrants possible, so that through language, greater integration and better communication with the Portuguese can be achieved, contributing to “greater social peace”, said Cláudia Pereira.

Currently, the chances of training in Portuguese for foreigners pass through the courses of the Portuguese for All programme, which have existed since 2008 and have already trained approximately 92 thousand people, the Portuguese online platform, available through the official website of the High Commissioner for Migrations (ACM) and which has around 24 thousand users, and the 'Speak' programme, in partnership with ACM, and which has been widely used by refugees in the last two years, according to Cláudia Pereira.

PLA will be able to be taught in public schools, in the Employment and Vocational Training Centres and in Qualifica Centres, or other spaces of other entities with which protocols are established.

"The development of PLA courses is ensured by professional teachers in the field of Portuguese teaching, preferably with specific training in teaching Portuguese as a foreign or second language, or by trainers with specific training in the same area", determines the ordinance.


I am very interested in finding a Qualifica center near Silves or Lagoa or Portimão where Portuguese Language of Reception (PLA) courses are taught. Please email me with any information you may have. Thank you.

By Daniel McKee from Algarve on 03-07-2021 03:45

I want to leanr portuguese language but i live in mangualde

By Jagpreet Singh from Other on 06-06-2021 12:02

I want to learn Portuguese and also I want to do the language certificate to apply for my Portuguese please suggest me how can I start and where.thanks

By Ek narayan kafle from Porto on 03-03-2021 06:02

Hi there,
I want to learn Portuguese and also I want to do the language certificate to apply for my Portuguese please suggest me how can I start and where.thanks

By MOSIUR RAHMAN SARKER from Lisbon on 21-01-2021 01:52

Hi there

We are very interested in your beginner Portuguese lessons, were we will learn the language tools to add value to Portugal's growth.
Please may you send the information on your Portuguese beginner courses on learning Portuguese.

Thank you for your time and assistance

Shane Stuart

By Shane Stuart from Algarve on 08-01-2021 10:16

I want to learn portuguese language.

By Naresh k p sharma from Lisbon on 29-11-2020 06:55

If you wish to undertake a Portuguese language course for foreigner you may contact the Migrant Support Line (808 257 257) ti find a school or job center and professional training close to your area of residence or work.
The language courses are developed by public schools and by employment and vocational training centers. You could try contact the public schools in your area of residence. Althouhg, currently, that may not be possible.

By Rod Cowan from Porto on 10-08-2020 12:50

I am working as Chef in Lisbon .I want to join these classes.
Communication during job & interaction is like zero due to Language barrier.

Where are the centre

By Nar kumar Chhantyal from Lisbon on 10-08-2020 11:43

Hi hello dear sir my name is mahesh vasam I'm looking for portugeis longvege learning

By Vasam mahesh from Other on 10-08-2020 10:32

hey there
I would to know how I can join the course and how its work

By Akshay from Lisbon on 09-08-2020 03:08

How do we sign up for these classes?

By Lnbeno from Algarve on 09-08-2020 01:36

Goodmorning Sir/Mam !I'm kaman singh lama from (mira sintra )lisboa I'm working in a nursurry companny right now therefore i want to also join the portugues languese class ,but i cannot manage time for class ibecouse of i have to work all six days in week so how i can the join portugues languese call please !I have already 5years in portugal

By kaman singh lama from Lisbon on 09-08-2020 10:00

Hii Iam looking for Portuguese language. Classes please inform me. Iam weating for you e-mail

By Mohammed Salman from Lisbon on 09-08-2020 12:47

Great. Where do I sign up?

By Steve Oakes from Lisbon on 08-08-2020 10:36

So where do I apply as a foreigner? There is a lot of information but no links or info on how to apply for those and where

By Slava from Lisbon on 08-08-2020 04:47

Dear sirs, I looked for a location for PLA Courses in District Centro but there is no offering for foreigners nearby the university cities Guarda, Fundao and/or Covilha!
How painful if you compare the amount of locations with offerings in Lisboa and its environment.

By D.J. Knip from Other on 08-08-2020 02:24
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