Government will not cave in to US pressures over China

in News · 28-09-2020 11:04:00 · 6 Comments

Portugal has warned the United States Ambassador in Lisbon, George Glass, that the decision-making process in Portugal belongs with the Portuguese Government and will not abide by US pressures.

The position comes after the US Ambassador urged Portugal to choose between its friends and allies and China. He also warned of consequences for Portugal choosing to work with China which he said could influence NATO’s activity. He further threatened to end the distribution of natural gas through Sines if the construction of the new terminal is delivered to China.


People need to understand it is the Chinese Communist Party (authoritarian), not the Chinese people, with whom Portugal is establishing links. Sure, read a history of the USA, but also read a history of China before arriving at ill-informed viewpoints

By G Hannan from Porto on 01-10-2020 11:24

I am sad to rad your one-sided comment, Mr Jan Hendrik Barendregt. You know that the USA is the greatest war monger in the world beging responsible for countless deaths in the Middle East and Afganistan and Africa.

By John Dough from Lisbon on 30-09-2020 08:28

Very impressive! I'm glad that Portugal made this tough decision, however, is China trying to be the World Power? Because China is taking over Africa and Europe and some other countries... God Bless Portugal ????????

By Valerie K from Lisbon on 30-09-2020 08:16

The USA has countless domestic problems. These should be its main focus. Instead it focuses on China. I am delighted I am here. Keep on saying NO to the bully.

By Ana Boyd from Lisbon on 29-09-2020 04:47

Yes I also am glad for all the millions of Uyghurs that are held prison by this wonderful friendly Chinese government.

By Jan Hendrik Barendregt from Alentejo on 28-09-2020 01:55

Proud and grateful to be living in Portugal...this little country which has the courage to stand up to the USA!!!

By aasta schneider from Lisbon on 28-09-2020 11:41
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