In a question to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action, MEP Mariana Silva stressed that it is "very important" to strengthen public transport, something essential for the decarbonisation and sustainability of the territory, but also to maintain and preserve green and wooded spaces.

The PEV refers to the project which will affect 503 cork oaks in Vila Nova de Gaia, in the district of Porto, as part of the extension of the Yellow Line of the Porto Metro between Santo Ovídio and Vila d'Este.

Based on the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), she pointed out that it underlines that most of the impacts on ecological systems will be "negligible", with the exception of the habitat area 9330 (Forests of Quercus suber) which contains cork oak specimens "of undeniable ecological value and added socio-cultural, educational and landscape value".

"We believes that this habitat area (9330) should be fully preserved, requiring the reformulation of the project, namely the car park associated with the Santos Silva [Vila Nova de Gaia] Hospital station, as well as the study of more favourable alternatives with less ecological impact, for the location of the Material Park, which will also affect several cork oak specimens. These requirements appear clearly defined in the minimization measures of the EIS in the phase of elaboration of the execution project and of RECAPE (Report of Environmental Compliance of the Execution Project)", she recalled.