The Caloust Glubenkian Foundation, together with VINCI, each year awards scholarships for higher education based on merit and economic conditions. This year the amount for scholarships will increase to €500,000.

According to Lusa News Agency, only at the end of October, when the applications end, will it be known how many scholarships this reinforcement means, since the amount of support is not the same for everyone. Students who are displaced from their residence habitual areal receive €3,000, which corresponds to €300 per month, and €1,500 (about €150 per month) to students who study at their usual place of residence.

The Scholarships goal is support the academic path of students of merit who have few economic resources to pursue higher education. For Isabel Mota, president of Caloust Glubenkian, this increase in the number of available grants is particularly relevant in the current context, in which a pandemic of the covid-19 was accompanied by greater economic difficulties for many families.

The Gulbenkian Scholarships are awarded to students applying for higher education for the first time, with an average entry of more than 17 ??and with less financial resources and, depending on a good academic performance, which can be renewed annually until the conclusion of the master's degree.