Hundreds protest after Black actor shot dead in Lisbon

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Hundreds of anti-racism protesters took over one of Lisbon’s main squares to demand justice for Bruno Cande, a black actor shot dead in a busy street last weekend.

Cande was shot several times by a white man in his eighties.

PJ police have not confirmed what motivated the attack.

But Cande’s family said in a statement the suspect had threatened to kill him three days before the shooting and used racist slurs


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By Serghuj from Porto on 25-07-2021 04:37

White people get killed just for being white all the time because of this false "anti-racism" rave and hatred over false racism.
I have indeed never heard of a black man killed simply for being black, sure I have heard accusations to that effect, but I have yet to seen those accusation to ever turn out to be true. People of all colors can have bad interactions and situations to turn out tragically, and those dealing with crime more often will more often turn up dead, but that has nothing to do with racism. White people, killed just because of the idea of racism, that on the other hand is indeed a real hate crime that happens all the time especially in the USA at this very moment.

By Kari Lehto from Other on 05-08-2020 01:52

I think Kari Lehto is part of the problem, I dony know what your skin colour is but mine is black. People are not protesting for no reason, Why we protest is because we get to be treated differenty because of our pigmentation. Im sure you have never heard of a white dude killed just for being white.
We get killed everyday just for being black amd i find it ironic that some people who have never and will never experiece racism are the first to talk about racism.
Its more like a man talking about labour pains.

By RAYMOND KIRIMI MWIRIGI from Lisbon on 04-08-2020 12:23

Let me clarify. Murder is wrong. It is also wrong and downright evil to use the popular "anti-Racist" movement and the flammable term of "Racism" to fuel hatred, division and calamity in a society as beautiful as that of Portugal. These international warmongers truly have no shame. Nothing is known about this incident and they are already spreading lies and hatred. They have no respect, not to civilized society nor the victims of any type of violence. They clearly have no respect to Bruno Cande either, they only see a tool they can use for their evil plots.

By Kari Lehto from Other on 04-08-2020 07:20

We are all mortal, we can all get into bad arguments and die if we do not get along with each other. Raving about racism is both unfounded and also part of the bad behavior that is a problem in society.

By Kari Lehto from Other on 04-08-2020 06:13

Arrêtons toute cette démagogie....

By Michel Schuermans from Algarve on 03-08-2020 04:35
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