The manager of the kennel that has been found operating illegally in Canedo, Santa Maria da Feira, acknowledges that it does not have the ideal conditions to accommodate 140 animals, but blames the State for the absence of legislation that avoids the problem.

Speaking to Lusa, after the news that the Dutch non-governmental organisation Dierenhulp Zonder Grenzen (DZG) is facing a criminal process for mistreatment of animals has been released, activist Berta Brazão, linked to this structure, assumes that the shelter is illegal and that “sometimes some animals attack each other, as in any shelter”, but says that the government has not made it easier for them to protect stray animals.

"If conditions are bad, they are bad for everyone - for animals, for me and for Dick [Leegwater]," she says, alluding to the Dutch citizen founder of DZG.

As examples of these difficulties, Berta Brazão highlights two: the request for the installation of a biological fossa in the shelter has already been presented to the câmera and "it has barred everything"; donations from the Netherlands made it possible to acquire a deposit for 5,000 liters of drinking water, but "still can not be connected" because of lack of financial resources.

The activist argues that for situations like this "the Government and the PAN party is to blame. They were very concerned to approve that ridiculous law that authorises the presence of animals in restaurants, but forgot that this is of no use unless beginning with the principle, which is to force everyone to sterilise their companion animals, to ensure control of the population of dogs and cats and to stop abandoning them. "

In this context, Berta Brazão concedes that "city councils can’t work miracles", but only foresees "even greater problems in the future, because the kennels are overcrowded and the Government has banned the slaughter of animals before having the courage to impose the obligatory castration and sterilization, and vaccination at least against rabies ".

Contacted by Lusa, the Municipality of Santa Maria da Feira had informed that "it has been monitoring the situation very closely" and added that it is looking for solutions "in articulation with other competent entities and associations in the area of ??well- being.”

The captain of the GNR Aveiro District Command, Luís Caetano, confirmed to Lusa: "A criminal proceeding is being initiated by the GNR Environmental Protection Center because the kennel is illegal and there has been record of animal abuse."

The official admits, however, that the court procedure may not be the solution to the case "as it will raise another problem - the removal of animals from the enclosure, because it is not known where to put them and the kennels are over crowded."